Pastry chef at Flocons de Sel


    The pastry chef at Flocons de Sel, Emmanuel Renaut’s three-star restaurant, Aurélie Collomb-Clerc grew up in Haute-Savoy and is inspired by nature to create her desserts. Here is his biography.

    Aurelie Collomb Clerc is one of those Pastry chefs who Follow closely. In charge of the sweet part of the three-star restaurant Salt Flakes to Emmanuel Renault in Megève, The young woman has a lovely career to her credit. Season 12 contestants Best pastry chef He will also be able to benefit from his experience and good advice. Find out below Biography of Aurélie Colomb Clerc.

    Who is Aurelie Collomb Clerc? His biography

    Aurelie Colombe Clerc is from Manegude, in Haute-Savoie. It switched to pastry in 2009, through the incorporation of CFA into Groisy, but also through an apprenticeship in Bruno Bétemps’ bakery, pastry and chocolate factory. This experience allowed him to gain a 360-degree view of the profession before working in the chocolate and confectionery business for a year. Later, the young woman continued her training with an additional reference in the confectionery’s Avengers Castle in Crosay, where she met Pastry chef Cedric Perret. After returning to Bruno Bétemps for her BTM pastry, she returns to Cédric Perret to become his pastry chef. In 2015, his career took a new turn. Then you prepare for a competition French Gourmet Arts Championship in Ice Cream With the help of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Thierry Froissard won first prize.

    Where can you taste Aurelie Colomb Clerc’s pastries?

    Since 2016, Aurelie Colomb Clerc has joined the team at Salt Flakes, a Three-star restaurant in Emmanuel Renaud in Megève. After reaching the position of Head Chef, the young pastry chef quickly rose through the ranks and is now the pastry chef of the establishment. In 2022, she won an award Best Pastry Chef Award from Grandes Tables du Monde for her work in the restaurant.

    What is Aurélie Coulomb Clerc’s baking technique?

    Aurelie Collomb Clerc works as a chef Preparing sweets according to seasons and available products. The pastry chef loves to decorate her sweet creations with Local flavors, such as fir, meadowsweet, and other wild plants. Aurelie Collomb-Clerq also deepened her knowledge of botany to make the most of the nature around her. Other local products such as boletus also find their place in its pastries’ creative. Some desserts are also permanently on the menu, such as the soufflé, which changes throughout the year.

    What is Aurélie Colomb Clerc’s Instagram account?

    Aurelie Colomb Clerc makes us drool with her Instagram page above all it makes us want to discover Haute-Savoie and its wonders. The pastry chef regularly shares pictures of her desserts, but also of her outdoor outings and moments of complicity with the team at Salt Flakes. A real breath of fresh air!