Pastry chef specializing in wedding cakes


    Bastien Blanc Taylor is an authority when it comes to wedding cakes. Discover his journey and creations worthy of a true artist.

    Bastien Blanc tailor He is a true artist. Its passage in France is still little publicized Season 12 of Best Pastry Chefs on M6 It should arouse the gourmet curiosity of this young man so full of talent, and so attached to precision. The pastry chef is really an expert on that wedding which sometimes requires up to 400 man hours to achieve. But who is Bastien Blanc Tailor? What is his background? And above all, where can you discover its delicious pastries? the answers.

    Who is Bastien Blanc Khayat? His biography

    Bastien Blanc-Taylor grew up in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, in a family very sensitive to art. “I come from a college family.” Confidence in Elle magazine. If his parents were fond of masters’ paintings, rare antiques, and drawings, the young man chose to direct his taste in aesthetics toward pastries. From the age of fifteen, he studied with the great names of French gastronomy and was the first to study tea trolleythen together Yannick Alleno in Ledwin Suite or at the hotel Four Seasons George V. “For as long as I can remember, I never miss an opportunity to eat pastry. There is nothing more delicious than the simplicity of a good chocolate mousse, the moistness of brioche or puffy pastry dough.” Does confirm their website. At 25 years old, his career took another turn when he began producing his first pieces of art, including Wedding Planner Alejandra Poble’s Wedding. This achievement, which required up to 400 hours of work, is a real motivator for Bastien Blanc-Taylor, who will make this quest for excellence a real career.

    today, Bastien Blanc-Taylor specializes in weeding. Therefore it is impossible to find his creations in pastries. If you want to discover his talents, you can still go to his Website To discover his creations and why not apply for a future event? Each cake requires hundreds of hours of labor, and its price will necessarily be higher than that of the most classic pastries. On the other hand, it is impossible to know the prices charged by Bastien Blanc Taylor, who of course give an estimate according to each order.

    What do Bastien Blanc Taylor’s wedding cakes look like?

    the Bastien Blanc Taylor wedding cakes are true works of art! The young pastry chef prepares everything from A to Z, incl and molds that he himself imagines, In as much detail as possible, for unique creations. “We made a very architectural cake inspired by the Milan Cathedral. We reproduced every detail, redesigned the moldings, sculpted all the porticoes, doors, and arches, and bought the blueprints for Milan Cathedral to guide the whole creation cake…” says this perfection to Elle magazine. As the pastry chef has already imagined Round-shaped or even flower-covered wedding cakes were created from scratch. But there is no doubt that Bastien Blanc Taylor will forget the taste! The pastry chef attaches great importance to his raw materials and local products, but also to different textures and spices so that the interior of the cake is as impressive as the appearance. “When a couple comes to thank me for my work, they are also often impressed by the taste of the cake. It is really very important to me.” adds the pastry chef.

    What is Bastien Blank Taylor’s Instagram account?

    If you are not lucky enough to treat yourself to a wedding cake worthy of a princely couple, you can always feast your eyes thanks to the Instagram account @bastien_blanc_tailor. The pastry chef makes us dream and travel by showing him his craziest creations, made for weddings at Château de Chantilly, Opéra Garnier, or even in Switzerland. Feel free to always subscribe to you for more culinary poetry.


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