Pear too hard? Here’s the unstoppable tip to make them ripen faster


    Sometimes too ripe, sometimes not ripe enough: tasting pears at the right time can be a real headache. Here’s the perfect tip for enhancing your fruit and helping it ripen so you can enjoy it whenever you want. We tell you everything.

    to’autumn The long-awaited pear season has finally arrived! Juicy and sweet, This fruit can be enjoyed on its own as well as in your home sweets and favorite dishes, adding a delicious touch of sweetness to your daily life.

    However, there is a glitch. Choose yours pear Depending on the day you want to eat it on, this is not always an easy task. They say that everything comes in time to those who wait. But sometimes, the desire for a little fun takes us right away! No need to worry, that is A small simple gesture can help you do Your pears will ripen more quickly.

    The secret to accelerating the ripening of pears

    Nothing is easier! That’s enough Place the pears in a paper bag (or plastic) Which you will have done Some small holes To allow air to pass through. Add apple (Preferably ripe) and close the bag. In reality, Apples contain ethyleneIt is a natural plant hormone that enhances the fruit ripening process.

    This tip is a simple and effective way to enjoy this little gourmet moment Without having to wait for several days Until the pears reach maturity.

    A technique that works with…lots of fruit!

    Better yet, this technique works too With other fruitslike plumOr banana or kiwi. Everyone buys fruits that are difficult to eat. To do this, still in a bag with some holes in it, place the fruit and add an apple before closing the bag. this too, Let the magic of ethylene work ! Thanks to this grandmother’s advice, you will be able to enjoy your fruits more quickly.

    So, whether you have a sudden urge to defrost pears or you’re anticipating a fall dessert, this simple little trick will let you… Take full advantage of pear season And other fruits you want. Don’t let patience deprive you of these vitamins.