Placing the dressing in a separate bowl only ruins the salad, and experts recommend putting it that way instead


    For preparing delicious salads, nothing is better than a good vinaigrette. In order to make the mixture perfect, pouring spices over the vegetables may not be the best idea…

    There are everyday gestures that we do naturally without asking ourselves the question “why?”. And in the kitchen it is clear. Why, for example Make a vinaigrette in a bowl and then pour it into the salad bowl containing the raw vegetables ? If many of us prepare salads in this order, know that changing this habit can be beneficial at several points!

    Starting with the dishes. in Prepare the vinaigrette directly in the salad bowl or in the salad bowlYou won’t have to Only clean one container. And by adding the ingredients to the dressing and then mixing everything together, you’ll also get a more homogeneous salad. finish it b A dry lettuce leaf next to one that has been drenched in oil a lot. And by stirring afterwards, your entire bowl will come into contact with the sauce. For a very effective mixture, you can use a lid or a plate that you put on top. This will allow you to mix vigorously by shaking the bowl full of salad.

    It is also recommended that Place the firm vegetables in the bottom of the bowl first. By placing the salad last, it won’t be soggy, and will still be crunchy. The same goes for toast and fried onions or other fancy toppings. So it is better that Put ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, or chickpeas first. Finally, we pour the vinaigrette at the bottom of the bowl, I’m done with disappointing last spoons of salad without dressing in the bottom of the bowl.

    Be careful though Don’t bring your salad in too early. If you leave food in the bowl for too long, it will lose its crunch. And if you want to pre-cut the vegetables, this time the vinaigrette will be added next.

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