Potato croutons, the gluten-free base layer for your soups and salads


    No more bread, make room for toasted potato bread for your soups and salads! An unexpected but necessary layer.

    What would your soup be without you? Toast ? Can you imagine a salad without these delicious pieces of bread? For a little change, replace these kitchen classics with homemade toast. potatoes.

    Why do we use potato croutons in soups and salads?

    Whether you love toppings for their texture, crunch, or simply taste, it’s time to try potato toppings! Instead of stale bread, you can actually use potatoes. With a fairly neutral taste, They absorb the flavors of salads wellTheir spices. Crispy on the outside and soft on the insidePotato Toasts are perfect for people with gluten intolerance who are looking for an alternative to toast. You can choose your favorite potatoes by experiment: sweet, baby, charlotte… And of course you can modify them according to your dish.

    How do you make your own potato bread?

    The croutons are made from day-old bread seasoned with herbs and spices, and cooked until crispy. Potato buns are easy to prepare. That’s enough Cut the potatoes into pieces (the shape and size you want but uniformly for better cooking), To add oil Or melted butter To season them With spices of your choice To cook it For 30 minutes. For extra crunch, leave the skins on the potatoes. Remember to let them cool until the potato croutons have hardened.

    What are potato toast recipes?

    For Caesar salad, for example, you can choose that Toasted bread with garlic, herbs and parmesan. For a bacon salad, try paprika potato croutons. For a fresh, light salad, try nutmeg croutons. Some also add a little lemon. Note also that there are recipes for eating croutons on their own, without soup or salad, especially as an appetizer with cheese.