Recipe ideas from October 23 to 29


    Quickly discover our menu for this week and stock up on fall flavors! From October 23 to 29, rely on seasonal recipes to cook in harmony with nature.

    What can you eat in the fall? ? Chestnuts, mushrooms, walnuts, pears, cauliflower, apples…we have them List of the week full of Recipes Comfort food, prepared with Fresh fruits and vegetables. to With every meal, surprise your loved ones with appetizers, main dishes and desserts facts a house,especially, cheap. Because yes, Cook yourself give permission to’Memorizes !

    Monday, make delicious Chestnut recipes. Create a light menu on Tuesday. On Wednesday, mushrooms are prepared in three ways. Incorporate nuts into all your recipes on Thursday. On Friday, discover the flavors of the bar with blood orange sauce. Cook comfort food on Saturday. Sunday, highlight Cantal AOP, an exceptional Auvergne cheese.

    Also…quick and easy recipes for a whole week

    For last minute ideas, this is where it’s at! Find basic, foolproof recipes ready in less than 30 minutes to please the whole family.

    The menu from October 16 to 22 was…

    On Monday, please your loved ones by preparing nut recipes. I cooked an appetizer, main course, and dessert without eggs on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you will bet on a 100% banana meal. I started by making salmon soufflé and bream tartare on Thursday. On Friday, I made healthy recipes using quinoa. You’ll be sailing to Corsican culinary specialties on Saturday. On Sunday, I mixed sweet and salty flavors around a balanced menu.

    We meet every week for more and more new, life-changing recipe ideas that will satisfy you and your loved ones.