Recipe ideas from October 30 to November 5


    This week is the holidays… and Halloween! To make the most of it, quickly explore our menu this week of fall meal ideas.

    Eat well when you don’t have to No time to cookIt’s difficult…but it’s not impossible! With us List of the weekyou find every day Balanced recipes, Ready in record time. very Simple to prepareThey will be happy little Your whole tribe!

    On Monday, cook a succulent seasonal fruit: quince. Scare your loved ones with special recipes Halloween Tuesday. Instead of throwing away pumpkin seeds, reuse them on Wednesday in colorful recipes. Make a vegetarian meal on Thursday. On Friday, prepare delicious recipes 100% mascarpone. Serve your family Chinese food on Saturday. On Sunday, create a list of fall colors.

    Also…quick and easy recipes for a whole week

    For last minute ideas, this is where it’s at! Find basic, foolproof recipes ready in less than 30 minutes to please the whole family.

    The menu from October 23 to 29 was…

    I prepared delicious chestnut recipes on Monday. I made a light menu on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I prepared mushrooms three ways. You included nuts in all your recipes on Thursday. On Friday, you revealed the flavors of sea bass with blood orange sauce. I cooked comfort food on Saturday. On Sunday, you highlighted Cantal AOP, an exceptional Auvergne cheese.

    We meet every week for more and more new, life-changing recipe ideas that will satisfy you and your loved ones.