Recipe ideas from October 9 to 15


    Head to the menu for the week of October 9-15. Discover seasonal, quick and easy recipes every day of the week. The promise of gourmet moments!

    What are we eating this week? ? Find the answer on our website Economic menu for the week ! We give you an idea for a starter, main course and dessert for every day of the week week. Subordinate Cheap recipes And correctTo eat well Without breaking the bank. All you have to do is put on your apron Treat your family.

    On Monday, base your entire meal around pistachios. Surprise your loved ones with delicious Pork Tuesday recipes. Bet on Roquefort List 100% on Wednesday. On Thursday, get ready Vegetarian recipes For your tribe. Enhance your dishes with mint on Friday. Introduce Algerian flavors to your children on Saturday. Sunday, end the week in style with recipes based on Oysters.

    Also…quick and easy recipes for a whole week

    For last minute ideas, this is where it’s at! Find basic, foolproof recipes ready in less than 30 minutes to please the whole family.

    The menu from October 2 to 8 was…

    On Monday, you will tempt yourself with written recipes. I prepared a homemade meal on Reblochon Tuesday. I chose ease on Wednesday by cooking very simple recipes. On Thursday, you added a pinch of turmeric to all your dishes. I traveled to The Arab Maghreb Friday with Moroccan recipes. I used Cookeo to save time on Saturday. On Sunday, I ended the week on a sweet, sweet note.

    We meet every week for more and more new, life-changing recipe ideas that will please you and your loved ones.