Red, green or yellow peppers? One color is more profitable than the others


    Green, yellow, or red, your heart swinging between the different colors of peppers? We show you why your choice should always be on just one of these colors.

    Red, yellow, or green peppers? Facing market stalls, you’ve asked yourself this question at least once. We often hesitate when it comes to choosing between different colors of Pepper, so we end up taking all three. Most often, they are sold by the piece, at the same price. though, Not all peppers are created equal! Find out why.

    Red, green, or yellow bell peppers of varying size

    You do not know that the color of the pepper provides information about your degree of maturity, and there is no difference in diversity. Red peppers are fully ripe, while green peppers are harvested before they are ripe. The yellow pepper is simply the middle stage. But now, just like green tomatoes, which are harvested immature, there will be no green peppers There are not many nutrients to be served like red bell pepper! This is a pity because when the pepper is harvested when it is ripe, it becomes a real healthy ally: it is particularly juicy. vitamin C It is an excellent antioxidant. In fact, according to nutritionist Natalie Nigro, in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper, red pepper brings a lot of energy. more antioxidants It’s an immature version! There are 7,120 micrograms of carotenoids per 100 grams of red pepper, compared to 154 micrograms for green pepper, which is a difference in volume. Red pepper is also best enjoyed with potassium and folic acid from green peppers.

    The easiest pepper to digest

    Because of their immaturity, green bell peppers will be the least easily digestible, especially if eaten raw. On the other hand, red peppers are sweeter, juicier, and more digestible. They can be eaten raw and are good in salads! It is in this form that these nutrients are more available. In any case, it is better to peel it and remove its shell to facilitate digestion.