Say goodbye to overly dry pasta balls with these easy-to-follow tips


    Are you tired of pasta gratin that is too dry at the end of cooking? Discover 4 super simple tips to make this inexpensive recipe a success every time. On your notebooks!

    to At first glance, the gratin recipe macaroni It seems easy to make leftover meat, vegetables, or béchamel sauce. However, sometimes it happens that it ends up being too dry to cook. We assure you right away, there are easy tips to get the pasta gratin with the soft texture you want!

    Golden Rule No. 1: The right pasta you choose for your homemade gratin

    To prepare the perfect pasta gratin, use it Dry pasta, hollow or tight : Spaghetti, fusilli, penne, farfalle, shells, rigatoni. Favor them macaroni Made from a bronze mold. Thanks to its coarseness, it goes better with sauce. Conversely, avoid soft pasta. They don’t adhere well Sauces.

    Golden Rule #2: Pre-cooked pasta that you will use to make tender gratin

    We usually make gratin using leftover pasta that has already been cooked. It’s a bad reaction! The ideal is that Pre-cook the pastaThis is done by dividing the cooking time indicated on the package by two. They will finish braising in the oven in the sauce.

    Golden Rule No. 3: The right amount of sauce you add to your pasta gratin

    It is important toBe generous with the sauce to Do not dry the pasta gratin. It should cover all components. For example, for 500 grams of pasta, you should prepare at least 1.2 kg of sauce.

    sauce, tomato saucePesto sauce: Make it at home, it will be better and cheaper!

    Golden Rule No. 4: The longer you leave the pasta gratin in the oven, the better

    To be very tender, pasta gratin must be very soft Cook for between 35 and 45 minutes. Add grated cheese (EmmentalComté, Cheddar, Mimolette, Tomé, etc.) 10 minutes before the end of cooking to prevent them from hardening or burning.

    If, despite all these tips, your Pasta gratin you all It looks dry, Pour a little milk into the dish halfway through the cooking process. It will make your pasta gratin more creamy and flavorful. Good taste!