“Shall we swear?” Here’s how to split a restaurant bill (really) fairly


    Lonely do not drink at the table? Your neighbor had caviar as a starter when you choose the salad sensibly? Don’t be fooled when paying the bill at the restaurant.

    do we swear Your friend who took – again – the most expensive menu shoots the bill. “naturally !“Did you answer so kindly when I only asked for the dish of the day… how many times have you done that I turned a blind eye to the unfair division of the bill After dinner? The era is over: Here’s how to split the bill fairly while respecting the rules of decency.

    How is the bill split if only one person is not drinking?

    If only one or two people at a table of 10 stay in the water, a good reaction is to ask separate addition to food and alcohol. Thus, the drinkers themselves will feel that they must exclude non-drinkers from the drinks bill when paying!

    How is the bill split if only one person drinks?

    Here, the question does not arise, who drank pays for his consumption! The simplest arithmetic operation Dividing the total cost by the number of guests by removing the portion of the drinks that the drinker would bear alone.

    How do you split the bill when everyone shares dishes, but only one person eats gluten-free or meat-free?

    In this case, it is best not to complicate matters: let the person on a special diet pay for their meals first and then divide the rest of the bill with other diners. In reality, You may feel wronged If you ate a small plate of vegetables or salad while you ate a rib of beef or pizza!

    How is the bill split when one of the guests orders dishes that are much more expensive than the others?

    Those who order caviar as a starter and lobster as a main course have to pay the difference. If the person does not have the decency to pay for their menu themselves, point out subtly the price difference. For example, by mentioning the fact that you also wanted to taste lobster, but that wasn’t the case Unfortunately not yet within your means.