Should the germ be removed from garlic cloves?


    Should we or should we not? When chopping garlic cloves, a question arises: Should the germ in the cloves be removed? We can say that this question divides, and here is the path to the answer.

    Garlic is a very mysterious food. If everyone agrees that it should be peeled, things get complicated with regard to its germ. While some It is advised not to cook a clove of garlic with its embryoFor others, it would be blunt dangerous to your health. Finally for some Nothing to worry about in this practice. Should we or should we not remove the germ from the garlic clove? You know, that little green stalk that grows out of the middle of the garlic clove. response elements.

    Garlic clove germ do we keep it or not?

    Don’t panic, for all those who think so Garlic germ is poisonous, and it is false. But why do some advise removing it? simply because for some stomachs, A small piece of garlic will be indigestible. By removing it he told himself the garlic would be more digestible. the reason ? This small portion will be more concentrated in sulfur compounds that are not always well digested.

    It is recommended to remove the garlic germ in uncooked dishes Because this young stalk tends to taste more bitter when the pods are cut, crushed, or chopped. the The taste is also stronger and the texture is more fibre. But when garlic is used in dishes that require cooking, this difference in flavor is less noticeable. In these cases, we can easily do without removing the germ from the garlic clove.

    I would understand that The answer mainly depends on your taste and digestion. If you like the strong taste of garlic, there is no need to remove the little green stem. And if you have tasted an undercooked dish or are already suffering from digestive problems, it is recommended to remove the germ.

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