Skilled Candidate for Best Pastry Chef


    On his construction site as well as in the kitchen, David is the king of odds and ends! This Season 12 nominee is determined to win the Best Pastry Chef award.

    David He wants to go to the end of the competition Best pastry chef, And he has not one, but three good reasons for it… Starting with his background, pastry world, and Instagram, here’s everything you need to know about this nominee from Season 12.

    What is his background?

    David lives in Congey on the Marne. For 30 years it was Foreman. A worker who loves to help others. Off the construction site, he remains the king of odds and ends, even applying his baking tricks. Knows how to adapt to all situations. Very conscientious, organized and knows what he wants. But David is also a melting daddy bear when it comes to his three kids. He’s more determined than ever to win the best pastry chef award, to make his tribe proud.

    His world is in pastries

    David dazzles with amazing birthday cakes, As with a Harry Potter grimoire, a M&M gravity cake or even a black stripe design gives a cartoonish impression. joking! He can also make a cabbage cake for a wedding, or serve mini blueberry scones, chocolate macaroons or eclairs. our favourite? Ha trompe l’oeil in the shape of a sponge. Deceive.

    What is David’s Instagram account?

    on Instagram account David from LMP12, you’ll have just donuts! The site foreman doesn’t wander around the bush: he shares photos of his gourmet creations, no comment: the photos speak for themselves. Get inspired to bake with Christmas trunks, Halloween pumpkin cake, Easter gravity cake, pies and sweet hearts. It’s mouth watering!

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