Sports nominee for Best Pastry Chef


    Chantal, an athletic candidate with a mind of steel, is full of energy and intends to surprise the judging panel of the best pastry chef.

    do not decide with the look. Chantal I love a challenge! Underneath that sweet smile hides a strong competitive spirit. The favorites have come to win with only one goal in mind: to bring home the trophy and He wore the prestigious blue apron Best pastry chef !

    What is his background?

    Originally from Guadeloupe, Chantal is an active Parisian. During the day, she takes a position of responsibility in a company and deftly manages a team of 115 people with her leadership personality.

    In the evening, Chantal swaps the working girl’s suit for Tangzhuang’s. In fact, the candidate is passionate about martial arts. She has been practicing kung fu for 9 years She believes that all women should be able to stand up for themselves. The discipline taught him important and basic values ​​in daily life such as respect, patience and humility.

    His world is in pastries

    When she’s not traveling, Chantal, another of her passions, dedicates herself to baking. She also self-identifies as an “inveterate foodie”. His desserts: Generous, gourmet and above all designed for sharing. In one of her latest social media posts, we discover a delicious chocolate cake she made for her “dear brother”‘s birthday. For Chantal, cooking rhymes with sharing.

    What is Chantal’s Instagram account?

    on Chantal’s Instagram account, We find some creations particularly inspired by Cedric Groulet. We look forward to discovering more about the nominee and especially her pastry talents.

    After several photos, we find the candidate smiling under the tent. She writes to be “proud to have lived through this amazing adventure alongside you”, a letter to the other nominees and to the bidding team. One thing’s for sure: We can’t wait to discover Chantal’s pastries while enjoying her goofy sense of humor.