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    Sandra Ornelas is one of the guest pastry chefs for Season 12 of Le Meilleur Pâtissier. What is his background? Where do you work ? the answers.

    Sandra Ornelas He is one of the guests of this Season 12 of Best Pastry Chefs on M6. Little known to the general public, she is nonetheless one of the most talented pastry chefs of her generation and creates chocolate to perfection. Coach at Valrhona SchoolShe is sure to be a great pedagogical towards the amateur candidates, whom she will judge alongside Cyril Legnac and Mercote. But who is Sandra Ornelas? What is his background? The Journal des Femmes tells you more.

    What is the background of Sandra Ornelas? His biography

    Sandra Ornelas, originally from Mexico, He discovered his passion for pastries late in life. While many students start at the end of adolescence, the young woman first earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree before reorienting herself to join the International Culinary School in Guadalajara, in her country of origin.

    Sandra Ornelas decided to continue her training in France at the Institute IPaul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. She first obtained a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management in 2011, then a CAP for Chocolate and Pastry from the Académie Grenoble, before obtaining a Complementary Diploma in Pastry, Chocolate, Confectionery and Ice Cream Maker from CFA de Roanne in 2012. Meanwhile, she trained alongside Philippe Rigolot, 2005 World Pastry Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007. She worked privately in her pastry shop in Annecy for some time.

    Where do you find his pastries?

    Unfortunately for us, Sandra Ornelas does not have a store He does not work in any restaurant. Therefore, tasting the creations of pastry chefs is very complicated. Since 2013, the Mexican has already been a part of Valrhona School Coaches Team Spain, where it shares its expertise with future great pastry chefs. And in 2017, his knowledge earned him a spot Among the ten most creative pastry chefs in the world According to Pastry Revolution magazine. In 2018, Sandra Ornelas also won third place in the Pastry Queen International Pastry Competition.

    What kind of pastry does Sandra Ornelas use?

    as much as Technical director of the Spanish club ValrhonaSandra Ornelas is a great chocolate specialist. She has a special weakness for Alpaco, which is a chocolatey, well-balanced aromatic chocolate. But the young woman also feels comfortable with fruits, cakes and even pastries.

    What is Sandra Ornelas Instagram?

    on his Instagram page @sandraornelasa The pastry chef shares beautiful shots of her creations, such as the mouth-watering Monkey Chunky Torron, the chocolate bar with banana caramel and peanut fudge, or even the very elegant plated desserts. Sandra Ornelas also willingly reveals part of her private life, between evenings with friends and holidays around the world.

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