That’s why the most expensive cheese in the world… costs so much


    A huge auction at a local festival broke the record for the most expensive cheese of all time. What is this product and why has its price increased so much? the answers

    It’s heavy cheese! And it must be said that above all The most expensive piece of cheese in the world. And at a local festival held in Spain on August 27, 2023, a 2.2 kilo wheel Spanish Blue Cabrales It was auctioned off. selling price? 32 thousand dollars, or about 30 thousand euros! This cheese, which comes from the Spanish family’s farm in Los Portos, has set an impressive record. In 2019, cheese of the same type was sold For 20,500 euros. Usually Caprales Its price ranges between 35 and 40 euros per kilo.

    What is different about this cheese?

    On paper, this track isn’t much different, though it’s of very good quality. but during 51st Annual Las Arenas Cheese Competition, An auction is held. Then this cheese was sold to the owner of the restaurant, who decided to pay the price in honor of it “Passion for the Earth” And Cheese makers work.

    But why then this amount of 32 thousand euros? The reason mainly comes from long manufacturing process. This product Hot and a bit harsh It has to be prepared in a very special way and by following various precise steps. First of all, it is necessary A mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk before all aging At least four months. But be careful, the place is very important. Cheese should be stored In caves in the mountains of the Cabrales regionIn the Picos de Europa National Park, northern Spain. there, The ideal temperature: no more than 7 degrees. And for this 2.2 kg piecehas been refined In a cave at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level for at least eight months. How is it transferred? An hour walk to the nearest road.