The amazing trick to transporting flour without getting it everywhere


    Every time you use flour, your work surface pays the price. However, there is a little-known tip to avoid placing it everywhere next to the packaging.

    Using a tablespoon, cup, pour the packet directly over the bowl, I’ve tried everything to pour the flour neatly. Unfortunately, nothing helps: It spreads systematically everywhere About its packaging. Forget everything you know, when it comes to extracting flour from the package, you have to do it right With a completely different tool than a spoon.

    How to transfer flour without putting it next to it?

    There are a lot of cooking tips that we ignore even though they are to make our lives easier. This is the case with this method of transferring flour with a whisk. Yes, your whisk is not just for mixing flour or whipping egg whites! It turns out it is Very effective in transporting flour without getting it everywhere. Plus, you’ll be able to transfer much larger amounts of flour than with a spoon! Although it may seem surprising, this method works great. Does this surprise you? Us too, but you have to see it to believe it.

    How do you use a whisk to transfer flour easily?

    The process is very simple, just follow the steps detailed in the video below.

    • Insert the whisk into the middle of the flour bag, and turn it on itself.
    • Carefully lift the whisk Now fill with flour, keeping it vertical.
    • Always move the whisk vertically and position yourself over the target container.
    • Tilt the whisk to the side or Shake lightly to remove all the flour In your container.

    That’s it ! using a whisk, You are less likely to waste flour Than with a spoon. You know what to do next time you bake!