The best cheese in the world is French! Find out his identity


    On the occasion of the sixth edition of the World Cheese and Dairy Festival, France once again had the opportunity to confirm its expertise in the field of cheese by winning first prize.

    France is the queen of cheese! You’ve proven it once again The world of cheeses and dairy productsWhich was held in Tours in September. With its washed rind, smooth paste, and very distinctive aroma, this cheese won votes against more than 1,600 cheeses in nearly fifty countries. But what is the identity of this milky dish? Here is the answer.

    Who is the lucky one?

    It is the famous cheese to’Époisses “Perrier” from Fromagerie Berthaut Who won this prestigious award. This soft, washed-rind cow’s milk cheese pays homage to the village of Époisses in the Côte-d’Or, of which this cheese specializes. It had to overcome many challenges and was examined from its presentation to its texture, including its taste, by many professionals. This little piece of French land They are famous as the star of our plates served on café terraces, or simply as a gourmet treat at the end of a meal.

    Epoisses are now a source of national pride, but not only that. Fromagerie Berthault is also proud of this tradition and remains a recognized house in the region. She is also not in her first title and has more than 105 medals in the general agricultural competitionWhich demonstrates French knowledge and the quality of its cheeses.

    A cheese full of flavour, made by an exceptional establishment

    Since 1956, cheesemakers have been working in this small house to revive the Iboisse cheese, which was originally in danger of extinction. However, this cow’s milk cheese, with its smooth paste and washed rind, is over 500 years old and has been processed and refined with different techniques over several generations. Today, according to Jean Berthout, master cheesemaker, this product benefits from 5 weeks of maturation and up to 9 rubs enriched with Marc de Bourgogne. This refined dish had to wait until 2003 to benefit from the AOP and in 2023 to shine around the world by introducing France’s culinary heritage. We look forward to the next edition in 2025, and hope that the trophy will also stay at home!