The chef was invited back to the Best Pastry Chef award


    Nina Metair is one of the most famous pastry chefs of her generation. Discover his style of baking and especially where to buy it!

    Nina Metair He is a regular on TVs. The young woman who was discovered by the general public in her Who will be the next great pastry chef? On France 2, today he is a famous pastry chef, at the head of the group delicatessen. She is a regular guest on the show Top chefs To become a juror for the duration of the probation, but also Best pastry chefs. On Wednesday, October 18, it will also have to award the favorite during the week dedicated to Normandy. But who is Nina Metair? What is his background? Check it all out below.

    How old is Nina Metair? His biography

    Born in 1988 near La Rochelle, the thirty-year-old has always been able to count on the support of her parents, who are gourmets. to She is 16 years old and has the opportunity to live an academic year in Mexico. “There, I met a French couple who had set up a bakery and pastry shop. Their journey inspired me.“With her baccalaureate in her pocket, she decided to do a CAP at a bakery in La Rochelle and discovered the profession at Paillat, a famous brand in the city.

    In 2008, a young graduate who wanted to perfect her English headed to Australia. “After 6 months at French Fantasy, a French bakery in Melbourne, I explored this great country.Returning to France in 2010, Nina Metair knows what she wants: to discover the greatest Parisian establishments and master the art of pastry..

    Where to buy Nina Metair pastries?

    After passing the additional specialty of pastry in Ferrandi SchoolThe honest chef Morris Hotel Then led by the three-star chef Yannick Aleno. A real shock for someone who took a few months to adapt to this exciting and demanding world. “I spent almost two years alongside Camille Lysek. First as an employee and then as head of the party.“Nina learns quickly and well, so much so that Amandine Chinot asks her to take care of preparing desserts at Raphael. In 2017, At just 27 years old, she was named a pastry chefthe opportunity “To meet the needs of various points of sale of a luxury establishment that welcomes international customers.

    Then comes the time of the second professional shock Jean-François Page. The latter asked him to participate in the opening of his new restaurant, Le Grand Restaurant.. In 2016, the stunning duo won two stars. A real tribute to Nina Metair who in the same year was elected by her peers as Pastry Chef of the Year.

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    In April 2017, La Rochelaise accepted a new challenge in… Pushkin CafeAs President of Sweet Creations International. “I arrived just in time for the grand opening at Place de la Madeleine, so I had to make a lot of pastries. For example, there was a pavlova that was presented in the shape of a Russian ballerina’s tutu which was very popular.” A real success for those who are now flying their wings in London. With her two sisters and with the support of her husband, she opened her own bakery in Mercato Metropolitano..

    He also fired a pastry chef His YouTube channel in order to Share your creations. After a moment of discussion, Nina Metair offers techniques and tips for making choux pastry, brioche, homemade croissants and much more.

    In December 2020, the young woman opened delicatessen, her 100% digital store, offering custom-made cakes for special occasions. Its concept becomes a physical store at the end of August 2021, where it will be set up on the eighth floor of Printemps du Goût in Paris.

    What kind of pastries does Nina Metair serve?

    With her eternal smile, the young mother now has a dream: to become the first woman to win the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France! This goal is underscored, if necessary, by the ambitious personality inhabiting the young woman who loves her job so dearly. “Pastry is chemistry, and knowing all the mechanisms allows me to understand and correct“She said one day while working in the big restaurant.

    Whether in her creations on display in stores (tarte tatin, galette de roi, crepes, etc.) or in the past, in a starred restaurant, we find a guideline: light pastries sharpened with a spoon. A subtle touch of indulgence Which comes in the end. To achieve this, It always adds a touch of fruit, ice or tartness. Fair Balance proves that there is no age to find your style.

    What are Nina Metair’s best recipes?

    In March 2020, Nina Metair took advantage of the quarantine period to perform on YouTube Chocolate Hazelnut Babka Secrets. This marbled brioche, similar to an Alsatian kuglouf, is irresistible, delicious and light. Since the success of this babka, the chef has continued her videos filmed in her laboratory in London. Explains how to make croissants Sourdough bread or even a Lemon pie.

    In terms of gastronomy, dessert was a sign of the journey of the thirty-year-old young man. Choco buckwheat. In competition for Best Chocolate Dessert of 2016 (Libby’s Guide), this plated creation consists of buckwheat shortbread, chocolate cream, buckwheat whiskey mousse, buckwheat ice cream, and chocolate tiles. Customers who visited the grand Jean-François Piège restaurant still remember it… Finally, the Notre Dame galette is one of the main desserts of pastry chefs, according to Veronique André’s book “Little Secrets of Great Chefs” published in September 2021 by Veronique André Publishing House. Hachette Pratik.