The culinary experience is reserved for the privileged


    The Journal des Femmes Recettes VIP club is dedicated to users of the site who share their gastronomic ideas with us. Immerse yourself in the heart of an unparalleled culinary adventure by joining this gourmet community and benefiting from exclusive benefits. We tell you all about your club!

    Welcome In the world Where cuisine and coexistence reign! The Journal des Femmes is pleased to present its new edition VIP Club Recipes, designed exclusively for our beloved community of recipe submitters. By joining this exceptional club, you open the door to a culinary world rich in discoveries, challenges and wonderful encounters.

    Why be part of the VIP Recipe Club?

    VIP Recipes Club du Journal des Femmes is not a simple group, but a family where every member is valued. Every day, your dedication and gourmet creativity continue to inspire us, which is why we decided to pamper you and dedicate this exclusive experience to you where your talents will be showcased.

    As a VIP member, here are 5 benefits:

    1. Two exclusive challenges per month: In addition to the monthly competition already in place, your VIP card increases your chances of winning a giveaway or gift card each month, by offering framed recipes Specific topic ! This way, you can increase your chances of winning one of the 3 competition matches on offer (you can also win all three and be elected Chef of the Month).
    2. Events for a close-knit community: We know how important it is to come together and share your love of cooking with those who, like you, cherish this art of living. That’s why VIP Cub organizes special events to bring its community together.
    3. Surprises and more surprises: Imagine a Dinner with the chef The famous, A Cooking lessons Exclusive or Special tasting… There will be no shortage of surprises and each event will be an opportunity to live unique experiences and enrich your culinary skills.
    4. Specific recommendations regarding submitting recipes to Women’s Journal: We will better support you to be the best recipe provider by guiding you on verification criteria and selection of competition winners.
    5. Tried and approved cooking tips: Don’t waste any more time with uncertain techniques, and make sure all your dishes are prepared perfectly every time.

    Immerse yourself in an experience rich in emotions, discoveries and rewards by being part of our family! Let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of cuisine together and let this passion flourish like never before!

    How to become a member of the VIP Recipes Club?

    We provide you with forms that you can fill out to join the club, become a VIP of the Journal de Femmes Recettes and simply like our famous pancakes recipe. All you have to do is upload one of your favorite recipes to the site. Whether it’s a delicious dessert, main course, or creative appetizer, we welcome all your gourmet ideas. Once you publish your recipe on our platform, you will automatically become a member of the VIP Recipe Club. No further action is necessary!

    What happens when I become a VIP Recipe Club member?

    Once your recipe has been published in the Journal des Femmes and thus your membership in the VIP Recipe Club is complete, you will have… Two meetings a month, one every two weeks, Through a newsletter, but not just any newsletter! This is exclusive and intended only for your club. We are committed to communicating with you transparently and regularly, to keep you informed of events, to share the content you need and, above all, to communicate about the competitions and announce the winners in full transparency, highlighting their recipes.

    Welcome to the VIP Recipes Club

    As you would have understood, the VIP Recipes Club is more than just a space: it is an emotional family united by a love of cooking and discovery. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your culinary horizons, share your skills and thrive in a warm and stimulating environment. Live this adventure where each recipe reveals a new page in a book of infinite flavours, where every flavor matters and every cook is king.