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    Dried bananas as a snack, dried beef as an appetizer… The food dehydrator from Lidl comes to our homes to make our lives easier! Here’s how to buy it and at what price.

    So what is good can a Food dehydrator. For many things! to make A box of dried fruit Homemade bacon or bacon for low prices, for example, couldn’t be easier. Meat or even vegetables Aromatic herbs… To maintain your food Or incorporate it into gourmet recipes, this is the machine for you. Homemade lovers, you will love it. how to use This Silvercrest dryer And how to buy it in Lidl? response elements.

    When will the Lidl dryer be sold out?

    No date has been announced yet by the hard-discounted in-store sale brand. but All year round, the appointment is made online at This little device is available within available stock but above all available on delivery, practical, right?

    What is the price of Lidl dryer?

    the The price of the Lidl dryer is 25.99 euros. With all its features, it is Excellent value. During its last sales, it was on the shelves at a price of 39.99 euros. So don’t miss out on these great offers!

    Lidl dryer is very easy to use. device has 5 stackable containers, but can also be used separately to put your food to dry. Distribute as desired fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, meat or fish. After you’re done covering your food, all that’s left to do is Choose a temperature between 40°C and 70°Cthen Set drying time from 1 hour to 48 hours. To help you, in the instruction manual you will find a table showing the time and temperature equations for different foods. Finally, hit the “Start” button and let the device run. In terms of cleaning, do not immerse the base in water. Better to use a damp cloth. For the rest, hand wash with a sponge, water, and dishwashing liquid or use the dishwasher.

    What are the benefits of drying food?

    Dehydrating food provides several important benefits. By removing water from food Reduces the risk of mold And Prevents the multiplication of bacteria. And this has an effect extension Food preservation. Another useful item, when your food dries, it takes up less space. Also keep in mind that by dehydrating your food yourself, you won’t be adding any additives. This is not the case with many commercial dried fruits, for example.

    Create the right conditions for properly storing dehydrated foods. Put them in a Airtight glass containerand then store it in Dry place away from light. This way, you can preserve Vitamin A and Vitamin B and C being more sensitive to dehydration.

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