The dynamic dean of the best pastry chef


    Monique is a true ray of sunshine! Gossip and philanthropy, the oldest nominee has more than one trick up her sleeve to win Best Pastry Chef.

    In the kitchen as in life, Monique is an active and generous retiree. A true ray of sunshineThis candidate from the south of France hasn’t forgotten to bring her sense of humor and the joy of living under a tent Best pastry chef.

    What is his background?

    For Monique, retirement goes hand in hand with dynamism. When she’s not taking care of her five grandchildren, Monique loves to go on long walks with her friends while they chat. She also loves to travel to experience new adventures. She also has many anecdotes that she is always happy to share. But Monique above all Creative woman. From pottery to sewing to painting, the 68-year-old retiree has a dexterous hand and an eye for detail.

    His world is in pastries

    Monique Pastries on her photo. Both cheerful and generous. This sweet grandmother places great importance on finishes and makes it a point of honor to personalize all her creations. The little extra thing? Decoration ! Monique excels in this field and decorates her pastries with a skillful hand.

    What is Monique’s account on Instagram?

    if it was Instagram account Monique is currently unreachable, and there is no doubt that this candidate will unleash her imagination and artistic talents in order to present to us Beautiful rooms full of charm and originality.