The father of cake to the best pastry chef


    Bertrand would put some good humor in the tent. Find out who this season 12 nominee for top pastry chef, athlete, and hen dad is.

    Bertrand He warns: “We will enjoy (…) every Wednesday watching my peaks and my failures.” The pastry chef announced, in a video clip on Instagram, his participation in the show Best pastry chef from M6. Then, with a photo of him arriving on set on April 17, 2023, he wanted to thank “all those who… [l]Supported, believed in [lui] Support and help during this great adventure.

    What is his background?

    Bertrand is the Director of Information Technology in Salle de Ode in Occitania. He is a single father of a boy and identifies himself as a gentle father. The true Epicurean loves the good, loves the beautiful, and loves laughter. With just “a little pastry” he was able to take part in the largest amateur pastry competition in France. It is “madness” in his opinion, but above all true happiness for this enthusiast, who is determined to have fun during this amazing experience. If Bertrand loves to eat, he is also an athlete who keeps fit by hiking, running and even jogging. him too Diving instructor And he has already sunk to the great depths. The computer scientist is not afraid because he has already climbed Mont Blanc. And now he’s ready to take on a new challenge: winning Best pastry chef ! So he will be able to count on a steel mind and a good relationship with other candidates and pastry chefs.

    His world is in pastries

    Bertrand loves lemons. He bakes Lemon cake, lemon meringue cookies, or Italian lemon meringue catch. It can also easily prepare a raspberry-mint dessert, apple pie, raspberry tart, apple compote, or the most elaborate whipped vanilla ganache. In fact, the computer specialist alternates between basic and more experienced recipes, from the very simple brioche to the strawberry millefeuille with whipped vanilla ganache. Not only does Bertrand love fruit, he also enjoys chocolate fudge, chocolate macaroons, chocolate-vanilla cookies or even chocolate-hazelnut canapes. And above all he loves classics revisited, As is the case with the raspberry tiramisu or the grapefruit meringue tart.

    What is Bertrand’s Instagram account?

    Bertrand’s Instagram account, Bertrand Kpl or @bertrand_lmp12, of course is full of sweet recipes that will make you want to. He shares his creations, especially on special occasions: heart-shaped ganache for Valentine’s Day, Christmas log, galette de roi… Sometimes the pastry chef stages his creations through carousels or videos, especially in the story. Funnily enough, he mentions his failures, like this raspberry dessert that wasn’t ripe enough for his appetizers with the comment: “As they say: You never lose! You either win or you learn! For once I remember!!”. His account also includes posts about his sports trips, hiking, cycling and diving. Brilliant, his album of ballads “My Best Date” is about gourmet outings he takes with his son. Fill in the good addresses! You will also have a “Health” album to find sweet or savory recipes that are good for your health.

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