The former McDonald’s restaurant in Marseille has become a fast food stand-in… We’ll explain!


    Born as a result of the solidarity of employees, unions and former associations, the Après M restaurant in Marseille is a solidarity fast food restaurant created in place of the former McDonald’s restaurant. Surprisingly, a three-star chef comes up with a burger recipe!

    it is in Former McDonald’s in Marseille That’s new restaurant Came to life in December 2022: After mr. Although its opening is not new, more and more social media influencers are coming to experience this fast food solidarity that combines the restaurant and voluntary food distribution. Surprisingly, a three-star celebrity chef is also behind this activist project…

    Gerald Pasadat Burger

    L’ Après M has, in a humorous and demanding way, adapted the famous brand slogan “Come as you are”, transforming it into “As you are, come!”. As surprising as it may seem, behind the kitchens of this social fast food Three-star chef Gerald Passedat. On the menu: traditional hamburgers as well as the chef’s special dish Ovni Etoilé for less than 10 euros.

    All profits are donated to various food aid associations, and the first goal is to revive economic activity in the northern regions, while providing work to those who need it. Thanks to the perseverance of everyone involved in this project, between 600 and 1,200 food parcels are now being distributed every Monday.

    Life project

    Close to social fast food, Après M aims to build a village of mutual aid initiatives. This solidarity action is a real ecosystem, and the goal of this LIFE project is to become completely financially independent, by redistributing the surpluses generated by social fast food. Through the creation of containers, urban gardens and eventually a communal kitchen, these different shared spaces will soon coexist together. This ambitious project, which aims to raise public awareness of waste control issues, also has an environmental, solidarity and sharing dimension.

    At the beginning of January, the brand had 37 employees who were already working on thriving this place, which still has a bright future ahead of it. By tasting Chef Gerald Passedat’s ambitious and delicious burgers, you too become an actor in this project, with the assurance that these funds will be donated in the form of food baskets to those who need them, without discrimination.