The golden rule of perfect cooking according to Joel Robuchon


    Cooking pasta is child’s play…or almost! To cook it successfully, all you have to do is follow a simple tip suggested by Chef Joel Robuchon.

    if Joel Robuchon Unfortunately, he is no longer in this world, and his mark on French gastronomy remains indelible. How do you forget your celebrity? Mashed potato potatothe best in the world according to his peers, or his recipes revealed on the show Eat a good meal, of course ? The chef also left his mark on an entire generation through distilling Simple but effective tips For everyday cooking, starting with on to cook macaroni. If you don’t know this tip, now is a good time to take notes!

    Respect lineage!

    As Joel Robuchon said: “Simple cooking is the most complicated thing”. If it is a dish of macaroni It may seem like something easy to make at home, but successfully cooking this Italian cuisine isn’t for everyone. However, to achieve this, you only need to follow one rule, which is the rule of proportions. “For your pasta to be successful, Respect doses : 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of pasta and 10 grams of pasta salt“, She never stopped hitting on Joel Robuchon. It’s then up to you to choose your preferred cooking method – although Italians will definitely recommend cooking it Al dente – Before decorating the pasta with your favorite sauce.

    Cooking pasta isn’t the only tip to remember from Joel Robuchon. For example, the multi-star chef advised,Put it in the oven A chick In an unheated oven For slow, gradual, or even cookingWrap your bouquet in a leek leaf To prevent the spread of aromatic substances in the boiling dish. Another tip to keep in mind: Don’t try to crack the eggs around the edges of the container because shell residue may remain in the egg. Instead, the chef recommended cracking the eggs on a board or countertop with a sharp slit. Your turn now!