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    To get the best out of your fruit, the Silvercrest juicer is a good choice. This device is offered for sale on Lidl at an attractive price. Price, sale, details, operation… Here’s what you need to know.

    Good juice, very fresh, don’t say no! To make this possible, Lidl sells a handy juice extractor. Whether we want prepare apple delight, pear or add vegetablesNothing can stop you! then, How to use this extractor Silvercrest juice? How much is it and how to buy it On any dates ? Here is the information you should know.

    When will Lidl juice extractor go on sale?

    An in-store sale date hasn’t been announced yet, but you can get your hands on the Silvercrest juicer online. Plus, you can hand it over! meeting on the site from Lidl. device is Available 3 business days after purchasestraight to your home. And benefit from it 30 days free returns.

    At what price will it be sold?

    Online, SilverCrest extractor is On sale at 64.99 euros. And like many things found in Lidl’s small household appliances, A 3-year warranty is included.

    Lidl juice extractor
    © Lidl

    This Silvercrest chopper works with all types of fruits and vegetables, even the toughest carrot or cabbage. it too reverse function For those who want to test the limits of their device. This is practical when food is prohibited! But rest assured, to extract juice from whole fruit, the extractor has it Extra wide 75mm opening.

    That’s not all, the extractor is equipped with Another tip to realize Refreshing sherbet. The principle is almost the same, except you have to do it Serve the fruit beforehand peeled, pitted and frozen in the neck. The machine is processing. In the summer, it really is a plus to have them available.

    Lidl juicer is very easy to handle. Well designed by the brand, it is quick to assemble and once connected, there is not much left to do. Thanks to him lockable faucet, Preparations are going smoothly. After pressing the “Power On” button, the device turns on 60 revolutions per minute With a power of 300 watts. while The juice flows into the beaker 600 ml, pulp and Waste is collected in the collection bin Of approximately the same size. side washAll the Detachable parts We are Dishwasher safe. to Manual cleaninga a brush included with the device.

    If you are unable to drink the juice directly, Store it in a glass container in the refrigerator. It is recommended to keep the juice in Maximum 72 hours (ie 3 days) after extracting it. To delay oxidation, add a few drops of lemon juice to the juice.

    For selection, we advise you to purchase a juice extractor instead of a centrifuge. The extract tends to preserve the nutrients and structure of the fruit. in addition to, Better juice preservation When the fruit is passed through an extractor instead of a centrifuge. The liquid obtained after passing through the centrifuge is thicker than after extracting. However, the extractor requires more time than the other one which does the job quickly by crushing the fruit against the sieve walls!

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