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    Lidl continues to offer high quality small home appliances with the Silvercrest electric sterilizer at an attractive price. Here’s how to use it, buy it, and what it costs. Follow the guide!

    nothing not this kitchen mr Interesting in Lidl ! And the hard discount brand proves this once again by selling a very practical small household appliance. To put an end to sterilizing the jars in your pot that are definitely not big enough, let yourself be tempted Silvercrest Electric Jar Sterilizer. This device, which comes in the form of a deep heating tank, is a real life saver. to Your fruits and vegetables in jars or your own nanniesSanitizer is a must. Instructions for use, prices, sales times… Here’s what you need to know.

    When will the Lidl jar sterilizer go on sale?

    The brand has not yet announced the in-store sale date. but The appointment is made throughout the year via the Internet The sterilizer is available for delivery, which is a real plus! and get you device usedGo to some resale site.

    What is the price of Lidl jar sterilizer?

    Silvercrest jar sterilizer sold at 89.99 euros. It is ideal for making jams and preserves from fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is under warranty for 3 years. It is good value for money. By comparison, electric cooktops from major brands do not sell for less than a hundred euros and are often of the same capacity.

    What is a Lidl jar sterilizer?

    The Silvercrest sterilizer consists of a deep tank containing e.gabout 27 liters of capacity. With its absorbing power of 1800 watts, it can sterilize 14 jars on two levels. A net is provided to separate the two floors. And for more practical application, small faucet It allows you to empty the water tank without having to tip it over. And depending on your recipes, you can temperature change in It ranges from 30 to 100 degrees Celsius. To let the sterilizer do its work on its own, it is also possible to set the cooking time from 1 to 120 minutes. In our opinion, the flowing faucet is a real plus! if allowed Empty the wateralso allows the tank to be converted into Beverage dispenser with maintenance at required temperature. Some may use it, too Keep some preparations warm at large tables. And with its handles and lid, it’s even more practical! The digital display is also very practical and allows for great accuracy. The settings are easy to learn and the grid separating the levels is very practical.

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