The mistake to absolutely avoid when serving red wine


    This common mistake can completely ruin your red wine. It comes from a misinterpretation of the expressions “clapper” and “clapper”. We enlighten you.

    When you open a bottle of… vintage In red, you’re used to transferring its contents into your beautiful, glowing bottle, an hour or two before your guests arrive. Today you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, and to celebrate you came out of the basement The wine is older than usual : Old red burgundy. As usual, you should decide to pour in advance the 1998 Chambolle Musigny, which is the famous Côte de Nuits appellation. Big mistake: You’ve just killed the delicate scents of this precious bottle without even knowing it. Explanations.

    Beaker or flask: two practices of discrimination

    Casting is often confused with casting. However, these are two different practices with two completely different goals!

    • Decanter: The purpose of the decanter is to aerate the wine, i.e. bring it into contact with oxygen by transferring it to a burning decanter, thus providing a large contact area between the air and the wine. We go through the process One to two hours before serving wine. This technique is used to help the wine bloom and impart its aroma. but Please note that it is used exclusively for wine… youths ! Yes, only young wines benefit from contact with oxygen: after an hour or two, their aroma becomes more intense and they seem more melt-in-the-mouth.
    • Casting: here, The goal is to eliminate deposits That accumulates over time in the bottle, and this only applies to old wine. The wine is carefully poured into a narrow bottle with a narrow opening to avoid contact with oxygen as much as possible. In fact, while oxygen benefits young wines, it can quickly damage old red wines. As soon as traces of sediment are seen near the neckYou have to stop pouring. The process is always carried out at the last minute, just before the wine is served.

    Although the beaker is used in both cases, its use is not the same at all! If you pour old wine into the wrong decanter beforehand, it risks oxidation and its aroma will fade quickly. Therefore it is necessary that Clearly distinguish between the two practices and choose the appropriate jug according to the vintage !