The only way to know if a pumpkin is ripe or not


    In the fall, it’s walnut season. Do you like the mild taste of this butternut squash? The problem is that you never know which one to choose on the kiosks. We offer you a little-known tip to know if a walnut is ripe!

    Does seeing beautiful walnuts at your market gardener’s stall make your mouth water? Can’t wait to enjoy your first time Gratin Squash for the season? We understand you very well! With its creamy and delicious orange flesh, this squash is simply irresistible. To fully enjoy the hazelnut flavor with a hint of nutmeg, you should still pick them very ripe!

    How do you know if a walnut is ripe enough?

    Good news, you don’t need to cut it Walnut, also known as doubeurre to see if it is ready to taste! That’s enough Monitor your skin carefully. toWe are pumpkin Musk is ripe when its skin is very toughlMatte appearance (matte) and Cream colour.

    To verify this, HTry drilling a nail. If you can do this without difficulty, then the nut is not ripe enough. Avoid eating it. It may have little flavor and a bitter aftertaste. If your fingernail does not pierce the skin of the squash, and it is firm and uniformly yellow/orange in color, you can cook it without hesitation.

    Beware of light to dark green spots on the skin of the walnut. They tell you they are not blackberries. And still a little patience..!

    How do walnuts ripen?

    Damn, I just realized that the nuts I just bought are not ripe! rest assured, Butternut squash continue to ripen after harvest. Within a few weeks, starch turns into sugars. Its flavor softens and becomes more pleasant to taste. Yum!

    Walnuts are sensitive to ethylene, a gas produced naturally by some fruits such as apples or bananas. If you want to speed up their ripening, now you know what to do! In any case, check it out Store your butternut squash in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.