The party girl for the best pastry chef


    Determined and daring, Emily is hugely under the tent of the best pastry chef! She hopes to gain the appreciation of her peers to finally live off her passion.

    For Emily, life is not synonymous with boredom! And this is the grain of madness and this wind of freedom that the young woman wants to breathe under tent Best pastry chef Season 12 And in his culinary creations. We tell you more about this brilliant candidate.

    What is his background?

    Life is a party with Emily! This 23-year-old Belgian works (and is proud of it) as a waitress in a nightclub and spends her evenings to the beat of music. You love the festive atmosphere and above all, She loves to dance. Emily is confident and unfiltered, and she has it fiery personality It fully assumes all aspects of his life. Totally, she’s not afraid to let her emotions arise and live her life to the fullest.

    His world is in pastries

    Whether in her professional life or in her personal life, Emily just doesn’t do things at all. So, with determination and passion, she threw herself into the pastry 2 years ago now. his goal? Live one day from her passion and the least we can say is that the young Belgian woman will do everything she can to make her dream come true. She learns, tries and repeats recipes over and over until perfect. The little extra thing? creativity ! She is not intimidated by any challenge, and she intends to add her personal touch to stand out among the other candidates.

    What is Emily’s Instagram account?

    if Emily’s Instagram account Not yet widespread, we are still discovering some amazing recipes. In fact, the young woman is fearless and tries out the recipes of the top professionals of the trade. There are strawberries a la Cédric Grolet, fancy cookies or even a coconut/raspberry dessert inspired by Nina Métayer.

    In the last published photo, we find the Belgian youth in front of the show tent. You write: “I can already tell you that there will be a lot of laughter, and sometimes tears…great cakes but also beautiful disasters.” The show promises to be rich in emotions alongside the fiery-tempered young lady.