The perfect appliance for preparing homemade yogurt in an instant


    So making homemade yogurt is just as fast as buying it at the supermarket, so fall in love with the Silvercrest yogurt maker that’s on sale at Lidl’s low price.

    It’s not just Monsieur Cuisine at Lidl! Hard discount brand Prove it with Many small household electrical products. This is the case, for example, where the Silvercrest yogurt maker is sold at an attractive price. what is the price ? How to buy it and when? We tell you everything.

    When will the Lidl yogurt maker go on sale?

    Lidl has yet to announce a date for the next in-store sale of the Silvercrest yogurt maker. But now you can get it through online shopping site. Appointment on to purchase this device. You can then pick it up at the relay point or Directly by delivering it to your home.

    What is the price of Lidl yogurt maker?

    Silvercrest yogurt maker sold at a price Only 12.99 euros During the summer of 2023. In addition, this price includes 7 yogurt containers with lids screw. This yogurt maker is located below Guaranteed for 3 years. It is good value for money! The price offered is more or less in line with the main competitors, even lower than some.

    What is a Lidl yogurt maker?

    The Silvercrest Kitchen Tools Yogurt Maker can hold 7 bowls of yogurt. They are also included with the device, each container has a capacity of 180 ml. This Silvercrest is equipped with anti-slip pads for optimal stability. It is also equipped with an on/off switch.

    To make yogurt at home, it couldn’t be easier! Put your ingredients in the glass jars provided for this purpose and then put them in the machine. All that remains is to choose required temperature Then let your preparations ferment and let your yogurt take shape!

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