The secret to the consistency of egg whites is not a little salt…


    No, a pinch of salt will not help you whip egg whites to stiff peaks, which is a common misconception. On the other hand, a little of this ingredient will make a big difference!

    bad news : Famous pinch salt What our grandmothers advised us to add to make hard egg whites It is actually useless. In fact, as explained by Rafael Homo, a physical chemistry researcher and author of the book Kitchen chemistThis is the myth according to which the electrical charge of salt is connected to the proteins in the egg Whipping egg whites more easily is…Completely false. Only good skin or a Cooking robot It will allow the air needed to incorporate the snow white. But in addition to this mechanical work, Another tip for getting snow white every time !

    The secret ingredient to firm egg whites

    To get perfect, stable egg whites, replace a pinch of salt with a pinch of…baking soda! Thanks to the latter, not only Your snow white will be firmer, but it will also be softer. Plus, it won’t bring a weird salty taste to your preparation.

    Steps to follow to get the perfect white snow texture

    Here’s how to make your Snow White a success.

    • Get yours out egg From the refrigerator in advance So that it is at room temperature.
    • Drain the eggs, being careful not to leave any pieces yolk Intervening in the spaces. In fact, a simple leftover egg yolk It can prevent eggs from rising.
    • Start by gently beating the whites for a few seconds and then add a little more Nutritional baking soda.
    • Continue to Whisk at medium speed Until you get a consistent consistency.

    To make sure your egg whites are well beaten, don’t unnecessarily risk losing your preparation by tipping the bowl over your head. That’s enough Check if it forms the famous bird’s beak on your whisk !