The smart recipe for recycling leftover raclette in 10 minutes


    Don’t know what to do with leftover raclette? We’ve found the perfect recipe for the occasion: it’s quick, easy, not too heavy, and most importantly, it melts like real raclette.

    You have leftovers from yesterday’s raclette evening, but after that feast, you’re not ready to do it again any time soon. You still can’t bring yourself to throw away all that good stuff! I’ve thought about making it GratinBut turning on the oven means that Spread the scent of raclette in your home againwhen I had so much trouble chasing it away… I also thought about making sandwiches with ham and slices of cheese, but between us, cold raclette cheese is not ideal… Forget all that, on totocuistot_ account on InstagramWe found the perfect recipe to enhance leftover raclette without any of the hassle. Everything is ready in 10 minutes flat!

    Ingredients for a quick recipe for recycling leftover raclette

    Here, we present to you A retro recipe, convenient, but not gross : Subordinate macaroni With creamy raclette cheese and ham sauce. They’re a bit of a joke pork-Cheese from our childhood, but with melting raclette too! For this recipe, choose your favorite pasta: farfalle, shells, spaghetti, etc. Below are the quantities needed to treat 4 gourmets.

    • 400 grams of pasta (time to cook 10 minutes max)
    • 4 slices of bacon
    • 4 slices of raclette cheese
    • 20 cl Liquid cream
    • 20 cl of chicken broth

    Quick recipe steps for recycling leftover raclette

    This recipe has quite a few dishes: You will only need a frying pan holes! This recipe is prepared like one-pot pasta: it definitely has everything good.

    1. Pour the pasta into the pan, add the pork cubes and slices Raclette cheese above.
    2. Cover everything with cream and broth.
    3. Cover and cook for 10 minutes on low heat.

    Mix well, Serve in a deep dish So the pasta stays hot and enjoy!