The Top Chef nominee’s croque monsieur jungle is very comforting


    Top Chef Season 14’s Smiliest Candidate treats us to a super-comforting Croque Monsieur dish with fall flavors… Find out the recipe from Top Chef’s Jean Covello!

    The cuisine of Chef Jean Coviello, originally from Auvergne, is accessible, generous and above all close to local produce. In this spirit it is reconsidered Croque monsieur, It should be great in Parisian cafes and bars. In its traditional version, croque monsieur consists of crispy sandwich bread and a filling made from… porkAnd cheese and bechamel. Here, the chef takes a small step aside to prepare the dish Croque Monsieur is more irresistible…devour! Discover his recipe.

    Croque Monsieur Forest Ingredients Chef Jean Coviello

    Here are the quantities To treat two people.

    • 4 slices White bread
    • 2 slices of pork
    • 100 grams of chopped sheep cheese
    • 80 grams of butter
    • 10 grams of garlic
    • 80 grams Oyster mushroom
    • 10 grams of brown mushrooms
    • A bunch of parsley
    • olive oil
    • vinegar red wine
    • Salt, pepper

    Chef Jean Covello’s Forest Steps

    Remember to take the butter out of the refrigerator in advance (at least 30 minutes in advance) to give it time to soften.

    1. Cut all the garlic cloves Keep them in a bowl.
    2. set it up ghee Parsley: Cook half the amount of parsley 20 seconds in a pot of boiling water Then immerse it in ice water. Strain, blend and blend this preparation parsley With half the chopped garlic and softened butter.
    3. Cut the oyster mushrooms into slices and brown them in a frying pan with butter. friend-to cookAdd a pinch of saltThe rest of the chopped garlic and chopped parsley.
    4. Cut the raw mushrooms into thin slices. Pour it into a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt. Mix well.
    5. Brush the inside of the croquettes with parsley butter. On one side, garnish with ham and cheese, and on the other with oyster mushrooms and chickpea shavings. Paris mushroom raw. Pepper generously The croque monsieur was closed.
    6. Grill the croques in a pan with a piece of butter And a drizzle of olive oil. number About 2-3 minutes of cooking on each side.

    Served with a authority Crunchy veggies and/or French fries for those with a sweet tooth!