The tried and tested way to soften butter without a microwave or frying pan


    Are you tired of buttering your bread as hard as a brick? This super quick solution will satisfy you!

    Whether you’re using a prescription or just for your morning toast, having softened butter on hand is essential. The annoying thing is that when not in use, the butter is always refrigerated and therefore difficult to cut because it is so hard. Instead of waiting for it to soften on its own or thawing it in the microwave or in a pot, use this practical and quick alternative!

    There are many options available to you for softening butter. The first is to leave it at room temperature until it softens on its own, but be careful, you don’t have to rush it. The second is to put it in the microwave, but you get melted butter and not soft butter… The third option is the one we are sharing with you today: using a cup. Yes yes, you read correctly, a simple cup of water will help you soften the butter.

    The concept is simple: place butter on a plate vertically. Boil water. Pour water into a cup. Remove the water (but remember to use it so you don’t waste it). Your glass is now hot, so be careful not to burn yourself! Final step: Turn the glass over onto the piece of butter and wait a minute. The butter trapped in the hot mug will melt quickly thanks to the heat. After a minute or two, remove the glass and run the knife over the butter. It will be completely softened and ready to use! This solution is sure to please those who are in a hurry or those who do not have microwaves!