The unexpected tool that makes perfectly butter sandwiches is already in your drawer


    Tired of cutting through thumb-sized pieces of butter with your regular knife? Here is the solution that will change the game!

    Constantly losing the only little butter knife in your cutlery drawer? Do you have difficulty cutting fresh/frozen butter with a classic knife? Tired of spreading those chunks of butter on crumbly bread? Well, we have the solution! This silly technique will help you cut the butter in one go! The good news: you have everything you need at home!

    Sandwich lovers with butter, get ready! In the morning, after taking the butter out of the fridge to spread it on your slice of bread, it happens that (small 1) you can’t find the butter knife (small 2) you clumsily cut bits of butter with the first knife found. This endless battle is over because now you are going to use your peeler! The principle is simple: just as you would when you peel vegetables, you will peel butter. Grate it gently from top to bottom, being careful not to press too hard or the strip will get too thick.

    If you run into some difficulty, remember to preheat the peeler with hot water, this will soften the butter a bit so you can take a small slice. Finally, if you don’t have a peeler at home, you probably do! If so, take the half-coated butter in one hand and grate it with the other. This ensures that you get a thin slice (it’s then up to you to choose the width) that you can immediately spread on your slice of bread. It may be trivial, but it’s always an extra convenience in your life!

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