The unstoppable tip spreads cling film with ease


    We reveal to you a little tip you should know to stop fighting with the stretch film roll! No more stretchy films that wrinkle once they’re unfolded!

    Food stretch film is part of our daily life! It is used to store fruits, vegetables, sandwiches or ready meals in the refrigerator. Waterproof and airtight, effectively protecting it from bacteria and dryness. For all its qualities, cling film has one drawback: it has an unfortunate tendency to crumble, stick, or curl up on itself… which quickly becomes annoying! But then, how do you (finally) tame the rubbery film of food?

    This simple gesture makes using cling film easier

    I used to store the roll of food film in treasury ? In fact, it should be StoreIn the refrigerator ! Fresh air neutralizes static electricity. This makes it very difficult to open cling film. After a period of cold, it becomes less viscous and Treats effortlessly. Even if you break it in all directions, it is Returns to its original shape. It’s magical, and above all, it avoids waste!

    3 eco-friendly alternatives to plastic stretch film

    According to the GoodPlanet Foundation, 1.2 billion meters of wrapping paper are used every year in France. Although it’s undeniably practical, so is this packaging Very polluted…Like freezer bags, they are part of a category Single-use plastics. We share with you our thoughts for Replace them with more sustainable alternatives :

    1. there Box Maintain glass (Not plastic). The advantage is that you can keep it for life! Additionally, it is dishwasher safe. Who says it’s better?
    2. the Bee wrap. This is a 100% natural beeswax coated fabric wrap. What if you made it yourself? The challenge is on!
    3. there Charlotte fabric. Simply place it in the device after use, and go!

    If you’re still hesitating before switching to these more environmentally friendly alternatives, you now know how to roll out packaging more easily and thus reduce waste.