The youngest among the best pastry chefs


    Ninon, grand winner of Best Pastry Chef Season 3, is back in the tent and intends to tempt the jury once again with her creations that are as gourmet as they are generous.

    Benjamin from the showNinon did not say his last word and returned to the big leagues! Positivity, passion and perseverance are all qualities that the young woman possesses and which will be necessary to impose themselves in this new season of the season. Best pastry chef.

    What is his background?

    Originally from Koblevi in ​​Isère, Ninon is a high school student with a strong temper. The young woman has a natural talent, and is in a constant quest to outdo herself and Never decline a challenge. She also wants to climb Mont Blanc someday. This multi-talented personality is also passionate about sewing, pottery making and even playing the piano and is reckless in everything she does.

    His world is in pastries

    In the family, the pastry virus is passed down from generation to generation. Ninon inherited her love and talent for discipline from her mother and grandmother, who taught her all the secrets of pastry. from his top 17 yearsThe young candidate already has everything great and has the talent he needs. His creations reflect his image: simple, efficient, gourmet and generous.

    What is Ninon’s account on Instagram?

    the Neon Instagram account A little gem for gourmet eyes. Lemon pasta, biscuits, mango sorbet or even apricot tart are all recipes to be found. in photos or videos And mouth watering.

    Recently, the young woman published a picture of her with the candidates, noting that “they laughed a lot,” and described the adventure as “a very nice experience.” There is no doubt that his sense of humor will add an extra touch of cheer to the tent of the best pastry chef.