There is no pineapple on pizza, the best pizza maker in the world says so!


    Pineapple on pizza? Sacrilege according to Michele Pascarella! This year’s top pizza chefs show us how to make real Italian-style pizza.

    Stop at slices ofpineapple On the PizzaEven for the mental health of Italians! Our dear neighbors across the Alps no longer support this method of cooking. Lately, even Michelle Pascarellathe Pizza maker of the yearWho protests this practice. On the contrary, the Italian chef shares with us his advice for preparing pizza according to the rules of art.

    The Golden Rules of Pizza worthy of the best pizza chefs in the world

    You may have heard about it, Michele Pascarella has just won the title of Best Pizza Maker of 2023. On this occasion, the media reported NPR I went to meet him and asked him a pressing question: For or against pineapple on pizza ? Well, we doubted it a little, the chef answered, like any Italian: ““I don’t really like pineapple on pizza, sorry to all you pizza and pineapple lovers.”

    To make up for those he offended, the Italian chef was kind enough to share his advice for making the best pizza in the world. The owner of his restaurant Napoli on the Road in London gives us 5 instructions to follow:

    1. Use only the freshest seasonal ingredients. “This is very important because when you use seasonal ingredients you spend less and it tastes better“.
    2. Keep it simple. The best pizzas contain few ingredients. “For the best chefs, the best dish is the simplest
    3. If you’re making your own pizza dough but don’t have all the equipment, add a little water to the dough. “It is best to use 700 grams of water for one kilo of flour,” explains Michele Pascarella.
    4. Fourth commandment (in case it’s not clear): No fruit on pizza! No need to add sweet foods when there is already tomato sauce.
    5. Finally, keep learning! Chef’s goal? Make a new pizza every day.

    With all these tips from this year’s best pizza maker, it’s impossible to miss next time Homemade pizza ! It’s your turn to put it into practice!