These biscuits currently sold in supermarkets may contain pieces of plastic


    Breakfast biscuits sold at Interarché can be dangerous. Hackers in the package? Pieces of plastic slipped inside the biscuit.

    Be careful if you buy these biscuits sold by Intermarché. These products are subject to a recall because they may contain “small pieces of soft white plastic,” the official website warns. Consumption reminder. If you purchase any You can return it and get your money back.

    After broken glass cookies, plastic cookies

    This isn’t the first time this brand has called out cookies. We remember the popular biscuit that was recalled last year due to possible glass debris in it. This time, small pieces of plastic were discovered in Shaprio biscuits. These are the “All Chocolate” and “Honey and Chocolate Chip” breakfast muffins. Packed in 400g jars. They were sold under the Intermarché brand between September 11 and 22, 2023. Be careful if you buy them, as the biscuits may make you sick, or even Causes suffocation in young people. For a really quick breakfast, you can also eat the biscuits straight from the plastic packaging…

    © Biscuits affected by recall

    What procedure should I follow if I buy Shaprio plastic biscuits?

    If you unfortunately purchased the biscuits in question, Verify batch numbers. Here it comes down to several payments:

    • For all chocolate biscuits, package number L523258.
    • Honey and Chocolate Chip holders have numbers L523250 or L523251.

    All packages have the same use by date of July 31, 2024. If you purchase any, do not throw them away! Go to Interarché with the package and receipt To get a refund. But there’s no need to immediately rush to the store if you’re worried: you have until November 22 to return it! You can also return it directly to the manufacturer if you are not near the point of sale.