These five faux brick soups are rated excellent in Yucca


    Lazy to cook? Brick soup is a good alternative to homemade soup when temperatures drop. However, they are often criticized.

    In this The video was posted on November 7Nutrition expert Rafael Groman precisely defines Industrial soup. In the question: A High salt content And theAdd flavor enhancers, Acidity correctors, Tissue Potentially harmful to health. It is recommended to move towards the soup Picard frozeWhich are often less salty and rich in additives. In the supermarket, we surveyed Ready soup And some are fine!

    1. Knorr pumpkin soup

    This brick soup is rated 90/100 On Yuka. Does not contain No dangerous additives. With the outfit on salt 0.65 grams per 100 grams, has a low impact on your daily dose. Pumpkin velouté with Fresh cream Knorr consists of 100%Natural ingredients (And French). Vegetables come fromSustainable agriculture. Nutri Degree BThis ready-made soup is presented to you 30 calories per 100 grams.

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    2. Grind mixed vegetables U BIO

    The U BIO mixed vegetable mousse also received an excellent rating on the Yuka app: 88/100. It has the advantage of being Without chemical additivesbut also without Insecticides. When it comes to salt, this brick soup is a good student. It contains only 0.62 grams per 100 grams. Moulinet Vegetables U BIO is Low calories (30 calories per 100 grams).


    3. Carrefour Classic Carrot/Pumpkin/Noodle Soup

    In Yucca, this brick soup gets a rating 85/100. Its salt content is lower than the first two in the ranking. On the other hand, it is slightly higher in calories 32 calories per 100 grams. Unlike Knorr and U Bio soups, Carrefour Classic soups contain A Food additives : to’Modified starchdeemed “acceptable” by the Que Choisir.


    4. Red lentil soup with coconut milk and a touch of LIEBIG organic curry

    Without additives or pesticidesThis organic brick soup is rated… 85/100 On the Yuka app to scan products. the coconut milk Coral lentils increase their calorie content (39 calories per 100 grams), compared to about 30 calories for the other soup in the ranking.


    5. La Vie Claire mixed vegetable soup

    Yuka gave it an excellent rating 85/100. potatoesonions, leeks… This ready-made soup is prepared with Vegetables from organic farming. Low in sweetness, low in salt, and low in calories, it has its place in our food Ranking of the top 5 brick soups.