These raw vegetables sold throughout France are dangerous to your health


    These four trays of raw vegetables were declared unfit for consumption on the Rappel Conso platform, on Thursday, November 2, 2023. Why? The products involved present significant chemical contamination.

    All product recalls are registered on the government’s Rappel Conso platform. When a product is the subject of an action, whether suspected or proven fact, you can find all the necessary information on the website. The recalled raw vegetables are Contaminated by the presence of detergents in the water used to design them.

    What products are affected by this recall?

    Includes several dishes prepared from the same collection. These Casino brand products pose a risk of chemical contamination. These references have been marketed in France ever since October 27 Quantity 330001. You can also identify products that have been declared unfit for consumption using the following GTINs:

    • Mixed vegetables – 300 grams – Casino, use date 12/11/2023, GTIN code 3222477059702
    • celery com.remoulade – 300 grams – Casino, use date 11/14/202, GTIN code 3222477061279

    • grated carrots – 1 kg – Casino, use date 11/14/2023, GTIN code 3222477059603
    • carrot Grated – 300 grams – Casino, use date 11/14/2023, GTIN code 3222477061255

    These are the only products in the same range that currently pose a risk and are marketed by the Casino brand in the following brands: Casino Distribution Networks, Vival, Spar and Casino.

    What should you do if you purchase these products?

    You can Return these products to the relevant points of sale For a refund or exchange. End of calling procedure is set to Sunday 29 November. If the date passes, you can simply Throw items in the trash.

    It is important to keep this reminder in mind in orderAvoid all risks to your health, Especially in the case of A Chemical pollution The consequences of which are still unclear.

    If you have already consumed these products, contact Customer service is free on 08 00 13 30 16 For more information and contact your doctor as soon as possible.