Thibault, Best Pastry Chef nominee, specializes in trompe l’oeil


    Thibault has a master’s degree in nutrition, and is the young athlete in the 12th season of Best Pastry Chef. Learn more about this formidable candidate with his portrait and a preview of his creations.

    We’ve found Cédric Grolet for this season! Thibaut is 23 years old Nominated for Best Pastry Chef to be taken seriously. with l trompe l’oeil creations to die for, Undoubtedly, it will please the viewers and the jury. But who is Thibaut and what does his pastry look like? The answer is in his image below.

    What is his background?

    Tebow has a master’s degree in nutrition and food science and is the athlete of the season. He obtained a black belt in judo after fifteen years of competition and now practices English boxing and calisthenics. And he’s competitive, and he’s also very daring. In his sweet creations, he does not hesitate to combine original flavours. his dream? Become a pastry chef.

    His world is in pastries

    On the creative side, Thibaut is You have a trick. Apples, pretzels, tomatoes, hazelnuts… everything goes well with his bold creations. The amateur pastry chef also likes to serve it especially Small pancakes with variable flavours Like sesame candy for example. We also love his desserts to die for.

    What is Thibaut’s Instagram account?

    Thebaut is clear precision filter. To see his few photos on InstagramThere is no doubt that the pastry chef will go far in the competition. In any case, his subtle and daring achievements are likely to please the greatest number of people. So, would you bite into the apple above?

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