This chef at Ehpad is a hit on TikTok with his recipes


    On TikTok, Gregory Sampino shares delicious dishes. his inspiration? Residents of the depopulation area in which he works and smiles at them.

    Chef A the house Saint-Marcel-les-Valences (Drome), Gregory Sampino intends to revolutionize Catering group. Goodbye clichés about “canteensFrom the old people’s dwelling, the cook cooks dishes with little onions for his eighty inhabitants. In Ehpad as in Tik TokIt’s wow.

    Try another look at the communal kitchen.

    a cook For 16 years, Gregory Sampino worked for two years in a nursing home in Saint-Marcel-les-Valences (Dremes). Accustomed to traditional institutions, he brings his experience with him, to the delight of the people of the region Retirement home. without a goal? “Try another look at the communal kitchenL explains France 3 and add “I tell myself that people in nursing homes are their last pleasure, it’s one of the only joys they have left “.

    Despite the list imposed by the management of the facility, he confirms that “We can do things well, without being in a big restaurant“. She has become accustomed to her limits!”On the day something goes wrong, they don’t hesitate to say itChef jokes.

    And the chef succeeds not only at the Ehpad restaurant. And on TikTok, too, his little bowls are intriguing and inspiring netizens. Duck mousse, turkey casserole, and Ardèche creek style burger… There’s something for your mouth! Netizens, and some of his colleagues, do not hesitate to ask him about his secrets in preparing such a beautiful kitchen with a few means. “Envy and a lot of imagination and passion. If you combine all three you will do whatever you wantHe replied in a comment.

    The next phase ? Participate in Gargantua, the premier national group catering competition!