This chef explains how to prepare homemade tarama (and it’s easy!)


    What if we prepared trama ourselves as an aperitif? Chef Xavier Pincemin brings you his homemade tarama recipe, guaranteed without any colouring!

    Ultrama is a preparation originating from the Mediterranean basin (Greece and Turkey) Made from fish eggs, such as cod. A real star of delicious appetizers, we know well the tarma in its artificial form, characterized by its neon pink color… However, the tarma should not be pink (and even less neon) but beige! For commercial reasons, manufacturers add E120, also called carminic acid, which is a very specific additive derived from a powdered insect…cochineal. Although not all brands use this process, it is still interesting Learn how to prepare tarama at home, as it is very easy to make ! Learn how to prepare taramasalata at home very easily using Xavier Pincemin’s recipe.

    Ingredients needed to prepare Xavier Pincemin’s Homemade Tarama

    For this recipe, the chef recommends asking about it Smoked cod roe straight from the fishmonger, but you can also find it in some canned foods. Here are the quantities you will need for four people.

    • 200 grams of smoked cod roe
    • 70 grams of bread of your choice, even dry
    • Half a cup of whole milk
    • 170 grams of sunflower oil
    • Lemon juice
    • Good salt

    Steps to make homemade tarama Xavier Pincemin

    The secret to the extremely creamy, emulsified tarama? Whip it like mayonnaise! For this you will need a blender.

    1. never b Removal of the membrane surrounding the egg sac Smoked cod.
    2. Place the bread in the bowl of a food processor and mix to obtain a sort of bread crumb. Moisten the bread with milk and continue Mix until you get a fairly liquid dough.
    3. – Add half the amount of oil and continue mixing. Like making mayonnaise.
    4. With the blender still running, add the fish roe in two batches, then add a pinch of fine salt, then the other half of the oil.
    5. Finish with lemon juice Adjust seasoning if necessary.

    Enjoy this tarama with toast or better yet, with homemade blinis!