This chocolate that you love to eat at Christmas is threatened by shortages


    These golden-packaged chocolates that we especially appreciate during the end-of-year holidays may soon disappear from our shelves. We explain why.

    The bad news: A shortage threatens one of your favorite Christmas chocolates… Don’t just risk not being able to bite into it this year during the holidays; But you risk paying a hefty bill If you can get your hands on these famous sweets. You’ll love this chocolate for its chocolate coating and hazelnut pieces, and especially for its crunchy center containing a whole hazelnut. But this year, the poor hazelnut harvest may affect its production, and thus lead to a higher purchase price.

    Holiday magic affected by poor hazelnut harvest?

    “Can we celebrate Christmas without Ferrero Rocher?” This slogan may seem false this yearBecause it is precisely this chocolate that is at risk of shortages! The majority of hazelnuts produced in the world come from Türkiye and Ferrero One of the biggest buyers of this production. However, Turkey’s hazelnut crop decreased this year due to bad weather conditions: “There are very few hazelnuts this year [du fait] Of the global impact of global warming“, reported on Sunday Kenan Incerkus, a trader from Giresun in Turkey. Poor crop due to “Damage by insects and, in particular, lack of rain during a critical period of hazelnut growth in May“, specifies the trader to the British newspaper The Telegraph. As a result, the Turkish hazelnut crop decreased by 13% compared to last year, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey. His alone, Ferrero Group It buys more than a quarter of Turkey’s annual hazelnut production, in particular for the production of Ferrero Rocher. So it is very likely that it will be the price and availability of popular holiday chocolates that will pay for this poor harvest…