This distinguished chef received the highest honor from President Emmanuel Macron


    This chef and cooking presenter has been awarded the highest honor for a French citizen. A final decoration that shines alongside its two Michelin stars.

    He was named the best worker in France in 2000, two stars on the clock, two widely watched cooking shows, and a loyal community… all that was missing was this final icing on the chef’s apron. It’s not just any frills, but rather The highest honorary award For French citizens: Medal of the Legion of Honour. Big reward for the chef…of great standing!

    Tremendous pride

    Last week host Kitchen nightmarefrom Objectif Top Chef and the show’s judging panel, Top Chef Philippe Etchebest received the Légion d’Honneur. Decoration that is worth it ! In fact, to hope to obtain this title, you must meet three basic conditions: demonstrate clean qualifications, i.e. provide a clean criminal record and good morals, It has a prominent advantage in this practicefor a period of at least 20 years, of activities in the public interest and the nation and finally, to be proposed by the Minister, after studying a file formed at the request of a central administration, the governor, an association, a political figure or a group of at least 50 persons.

    The promotion of French gastronomy was rewarded

    Here is the leader Philip Achebest He was rewarded for his 24 years of good and loyal service as a chef, but also for his desire Promoting French gastronomy. “This week I felt very proud to be made a Chevalier of the Legion of HonourThe chef said on Instagram. For me, this honorary title represents my commitment to promoting French cuisine and our republican values.Under his leaflet, titled “Honor and Homeland,” he stamped the emblem of the Legion of Honour.

    A meaningful badge for the chef Philip Etchebest, who has every intention of continuing with “Take a stand for Defending France’s culinary heritage“, he confided during the ceremony. He thus joins Virginie Basselot, Minister of Finance and Distinguished Chef restaurant Chantecler from the Hotel Negresco in Nice, as well as Michel Chabran, chef of the Drôme restaurant at Maison Chabran, are among the group of chefs called Knights of the Legion of Honor.