This edible straw is so popular…and here’s why!


    This is sure to be the weirdest straw you’ve ever seen, and at first sight it gets eaten. Look no further, you’ll never guess what material this straw is made of!

    If you think you’ve seen it all Crazy food trendsYou are not the end of your problems. After the ban on single-use plastics in 2021, many companies embarked on producing food straws: seaweed straws, fruit straws, sugar straws, pasta straws or rice straws, and there was no shortage of original ideas. But last year, at a baseball game, a Yankees fan threw a ball A completely new concept of edible straws… strange to say the least. The video went viral so quickly that it’s now being marketed as a straw.

    What this viewer had in mind at that moment remains a mystery, but here are the facts: We first see him piercing a sausage sausage using a real straw, then dipping this new sausage straw hybrid into his own beer and drinking it. Sip it softly With, as if everything was normal.

    It didn’t take long for this video to go viral on social media and become a very shared meme. It became so popular that the American hot dog brand, Oscar Mayer, decided on it Concept marketing : A year after the video was posted, to commemorate this epic moment captured during a baseball game, she tossed her own straw in the shape of a hot dog. Marketing process It has been very successful Hot dog hoods are not available everywhere.

    But rest assured, if the straws look like real sausage, they’re just a decoy: they’re actually made of silicone and therefore silicone. Completely reusable. And yes, whether you’re joking or not, food waste with real sausage is out of the question!