This English chef explains how to prepare real fish and chips at home!


    No need to cross the Channel to taste this traditional English dish, you can make it at home: English chef Thomas Straker gives you all his secrets to making authentic fish and chips.

    Chef Thomas Straker is not just an English chef; He really is a very English chef. after “Everything is butter“(All About the Butter”, in French), a series of flavored butter recipes that literally melt the web, the chef begins at a New video series Enticing titles titled ‘British Classics’. Here the chef explainsTraditional dishes that the English cook well“, he explains. The goal? To get us drooling again with totem dishes of English gastronomy, like basic fish and chips. Learn how to prepare real fish and chips with them!

    Authentic fish and chips ingredients by Chef Thomas Straker

    To prepare real fish and chips, Ideal is use cod Or haddock. Otherwise, another white fish like a cythe or Monkfish It can do the job very well. Below are the ingredients that are enough for two people.

    • 2 cod fillets
    • 3-4 cups of flour
    • salt, Pepper
    • frying oil
    • 2 large potatoes (Bentje, Mona Lisa, Manon variety)
    • 1 spray of malt vinegar

    For the device:

    • 50 grams of Corn flour
    • 50 grams of flour
    • 1 pinch of baking powder
    • 10 cl of beer (blonde or amber)

    For tartar sauce:

    • 1 bunch of fresh herbs: DillCoriander and chives
    • 1 cup mayonnaise
    • Organic lemon zest and juice
    • 4-5 chopped pickles
    • 1 leek
    • Salt, pepper

    Original fish and chips preparation steps from Chef Thomas Straker

    For this recipe, equip yourself with a large salad bowl, bowl, whisk, grater, deep saucepan or deep fryer and a good apron: Frying is good but leaves stains.

    1. Preparing tartar sauce: In a bowl, mix the chopped herbs with mayonnaise. pickles Finely chop the shallots, juice and lemon peel and season.
    2. Roll the fish fillets in flour With a little salt and pepper.
    3. Heat a frying pan withoil Fry.
    4. In a bowl, Mix cornstarch, flour and baking powder and pour into beer. Whisk until you get a homogeneous mixture, without lumps. Dip the slices in it FishDrain it, then dip it in boiling oil. Take it out when it becomes golden and crispy.
    5. Clean the potatoes under a stream of clean waterDry them and cut them into large French fries. Boil them in boiling water for two minutes, then drain them, then continue cooking them in oil to fry them. Take it out when it becomes golden and crispy Salt immediately.

    When applying, Spray the fish with malt vinegarIt’s the little touch that will give you that famous ‘kick’, the English flair boost. Enjoy!