This famous pastry chef reveals the secret ingredient for the perfect pastry cream


    In eclairs, strawberry tarts or even Paris-Brest, pastry cream makes all the difference. For your homemade creations to be just as delicious as they are in baking, here’s the secret to the Cream Puff Pro.

    elected Pastry Chef of the Year 1991, Former Michelin star and coach of the French national team during the 2003 World Pastry Championship, Philip Contesini He has a proven track record that will make you blush. Famous for his cabbageIt is also known as pastry cream. Here’s how the chef does it, and it’s super easy!

    Ingredients for the pastry cream by Philippe Continisini

    Here are the quantities that will allow you to do so Fill about 10 puffs. Feel free to double the doses or more if needed. In an Instagram post from late August 2023, the chef explains that he also adds a little cocoa butter, it’s his secret ingredient! It’s up to you if you want to try the experiment.

    • 62 grams of semi-skimmed milk
    • A quarter of a packet of vanilla, cut in half and peeled
    • 10 grams of fine sugar
    • 10 grams of egg yolk
    • 3 grams of corn starch
    • 3 grams of wheat flour type 55
    • 5g frozen butter, preferably cubed
    • (Optional) A little cocoa butter

    Preparation of pastry cream by Philippe Continisini

    in video Youtube pastry chef She recommends making your own pastry cream The day before the next day or in the morning for the evening. explore How to make this recipe Like a pro in just a few steps:

    1. Bring the milk to a boil over low heat and cut the vanilla in half and scrape it. Leave to infuse under the lid for fifteen minutes.
    2. Using an electric mixer, mix the egg yolks with the sugar, then add the cornstarch previously mixed with the flour. When the milk comes to a boil, pour about half of the liquid over the mixture, paying attention to the vanilla pod. Beat vigorously for about two minutes. Then let the cream cook over medium heat for two minutes. Off heat, add frozen butter cubes and cocoa butter if desired.
    3. Then we pour the cream on a plate covered with a layer of nylon. Spread it out as thinly as possible and refrigerate it for at least three hours. After that, all you have to do is increase the amount of cream by introducing air to make it gain more volume. it’s ready !

    To discover other recipes from pastry chef Philippe Continisini, visit his site location. he is too Active on social media and on YouTube. No more excuses for not succeeding with your delicious desserts!

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